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Our Houses

The pupils at each school are divided into 4 houses named after local rivers - Blyth (blue), Ore (yellow), Alde (red) and Deben (green).  Each house has a nominated house captain who remains in role for the academic year.  

Each day pupils can earn house points awarded by staff for a variety reasons including good effort, peer support, reaching personal targets, politeness and good behaviour.

Each Friday the total number of points for each house is announced in our Celebration Assembly with the winning house receiving a trophy with their house colours attached.  The nominated house captain will collect the trophy on behalf of their house.

The pupils from both schools join together in their respective houses to participate in curriculum enrichment days, trips and visits and sporting events.


Alde House Captain- Middleton

Alde House Captain- Southwold

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Alde House Captain- Yoxford & Peasenhall


Blyth House Captain- Middleton


Blyth House Captain- Southwold

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Blyth House Captain- Yoxford & Peasenhall


Deben House Captain - Middleton

Deben House Captain- Southwold

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Deben House Captain- Yoxford & Peasenhall


Ore House Captain- Middleton

Ore House Captain- Southwold

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Ore House Captain- Yoxford & Peasenhall