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Our Primary School Entitlement

Every child at Yox Valley Partnership has a 'Primary Entitlement' book.  The entitlement is based on the National Trust's 'what every child should do before 11' and lists 50 tasks that we promise every child will exprience at our schools during their time with us

Activities include 'to visit parliament', 'climb a steep hill', 'fly a kite', 'travel on a train', 'engage in philosophy' to name just a few.

It is essential that we continue to focus on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science - but there is so much more primary education than this.  The Primary Entitlement clearly demonstrates that we recognise that children need the opportunity to be children and we aim to provide them with a rounded and engaging primary experience.

Pupil Entitlement 1
Pupil Entitlement 5(1)