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Welcome to PE & ODL-

Yox Valley Partnership of Schools

Our team believe that PE & ODL is such an important aspect for a child's life. Not only does it give your child the skills of developing their flexibility, strength, gross motor skills and athleticism it supports them into becoming natural leaders. PE & ODL supports children with their leadership skills by encouraging them to work in teams, paired working or working solitary, this enables them to develop themselves as young people and help them support others in a positive and friendly manner- in which well all encourage at Yox Valley Partnership of Schools.

Meet our Physical Education & Outdoor Learning Team


Mrs Aimee Tilley teaches all across The Academy Trust with different age groups, ranging from EYFS to Year 6.

Aimee has a degree in Physical Education Ba (Hons) with QTS from University of Chichester and has been teaching for 10 years. Formally Head of P.E and PSHE at Bungay Middle School for 5 years before moving into Special Education for a year and for the past 4 years, working within primary school settings.

For 3 years Aimee organised P.E and fixtures for Bungay and Halesworth area primary schools before moving across to Waveney Valley Partnership. 

Aimee enjoys watching all sports and playing any game that involves competition. She is looking forward to the coming year and many more, working for the CMAT Central Team.

Aimee may be contacted by email at:  



Mr Cameron Hopkinson teaches all across The Academy Trust with different age groups, ranging from EYFS to Year 6.

Cameron has been interested in sports for his entire life with his main sport being swimming and was a county swimmer for a number of years. Cameron currently is also a volunteer scout leader.

Throughout his life Cameron has enjoyed taking part in a number of different sports such as windsurfing, fencing, trampolining and sailing. I am currently taking my Level Two Sports Coaching Qualifications.

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Intent, Implementation and Impact in PE


For all children to experience high quality physical education, school sport and physical activity that will lead to life-long participation. The aim of the PE curriculum is to develop pupils who:

  • Are willing to practice skills in a range of different activities and situations, alone, in small groups and in teams, and to transfer these skills to chosen activities;
  • Are willing to take risks and build upon their mistakes;
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle which is achieved by eating sensibly, being aware of the dangers of drugs, smoking and alcohol and exercising regularly;
  • Are able to remain physically active for sustained periods of time and have an understanding of the importance of this in promoting long-term health and well-being;
  • Can use imagination and creativity in their techniques, tactics and choreography;
  • Are able to improve their own and others’ performance;
  • Have a keen interest in PE - a willingness to participate eagerly in every lesson;
  • Actively take part in extracurricular activities;
  • Can swim at least 25 metres before the end of Year 6 and know how to remain safe in and around water.



  • PE lessons are clearly planned and progressive, delivered by competent staff with a strong knowledge of the skills they are delivering and next steps for development.
  • A wide variety of sports and opportunities to be active are offered through PE planning, linked with an array of cross-curricular opportunities.
  • Pupils will be given access to many main stream sports (football, athletics etc.) with opportunities to play competitively. Additionally, opportunities for more diverse sports such as Archery, Target shooting and Fencing are also offered.
  • Intra school competitions will allow all pupils to access competition to develop their skills. Inter school teams will aim to be competitive to offer challenge to a variety of pupils.
  • All pupils participate in a hub sports day with year 6 pupils challenging themselves to a triathlon.
  • Accurate assessment takes place at the end of each half term.
  • All pupils are given the opportunity to access 60 minutes a day over the week through Active 15, 2 hours of P.E, Active lunchtimes and extra-curricular clubs.
  • Weekly sport stars are celebrated in assembly and an annual sports person of the year is awarded at sports day.



P.E is taught as a basis for lifelong learning, where the children have access to a wide range of activities in the belief that if taught well and the children are allowed to succeed, this will lead to life-long participating. A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all children to succeed and excel in both competitive sport and recreational sports.

February 2020