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Our Curriculum


We aim to offer a broad, well balanced curriculum for children aged 4-11 years based on the Foundation Stage Curriculum, the National Curriculum and the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Suffolk Schools.

The timetable has been structured to focus on the key curriculum elements of Literacy and Numeracy (English and Maths).  Each subject is taught in a clearly defined session within the morning timetable. 

The afternoon sessions deal with the creative curriculum where other elements of the national curriculum (computing, geography, history, art, music, PE etc) are taught either as discrete topics or integrated into overarching topics. These topics bring together all core subjects and place learning within a wider context.

Staff at Yox Valley Schools aim to ensure that children know how they are progressing in the core elements of the curriculum and achieve this in a number of ways:

  • Pupil Progress Meetings- A one to one discussion to talk about progress and set individual learning targets.
  • Mid-term parent consultation evenings.
  • Clearly defining the objectives of each lesson showing what is being learnt and why it is being learnt.

The schools uses a system called Pupil Asset to record and monitor the developments and progress levels and rates of each individual child.  This allows the class teacher to work with the senior leadership team to monitor progress and achievements on a regular basis.

In Key Stage 1, the schools use the Phonics Play scheme and the Oxford Reading Tree scheme.


Our Curriculum Plans