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Welcome to the Yox Valley Partnership
Gallery of Events

France Residential Visit - June 2018

KS1 Pottery Workshop with Local Potter Nancy Main-Vincent - June 2018

CMAT Swimming Gala - March 2018

Pupil Parliament Event - October 2017

The Year 5 and Year 6 School Councillors from both schools enjoyed a day of debate with their peers at the second Consortium Multi Academy Trust (CMAT) Pupil Parliament Event held in October 2017.

The pupils participated in a variety of activities with an environmental focus.  This included a short presentation and a practical activity about ‘the route of energy from source to school', then a debating/discussion skills practice for a debate entitled ‘the building of wind farms should be encouraged'.  The day concluded with the preparation of a plan for monitoring usage of energy in schools and drafting an energy policy for schools and CMAT.

'Primary Entitlements Launch - July 2017