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National Poetry Day - October 2018

Science Open Day - July 2018

World Book Day - March 2018

The snow started to fall! - March 2018

Chinese New Year - February 2018

Big Garden Birdwatch - January 2018

Halloween Disco - October 2017

Summer Fair 2017

Westleton Walk 2017

Modern Foreign Languages Day and International Cafe - March 2017

Middleton school hosts language day 2017!

On Friday 10th March Middleton primary school hosted its first language afternoon at its site near Leiston. The pupils had the opportunity to learn different languages, ask questions about different countries and learn additional geographic facts.

The school was split into 4 groups which in turn discovered different languages with different speakers. Our speakers were parents, governors and local visitors. The pupils had the chance to learn some German phrases and recognise the German flag learn how Bengali is spoken and written, discover their names in Polish and how polish words and songs sound and lastly, got the opportunity to research Spain as a country and create Spanish fans whilst learning numbers in the Spanish language.

After the pupils learned about different countries, cultures and languages they attended an international café! Hosted in the school hall they had the opportunity to taste and try different foods from different countries – including Ghanaian chocolate, Mexican Tortilla, Polish meats, Italian cheeses and Belgian biscuits! These were all very popular and the children went home stuffed and speaking different languages for goodbye! Parents and families joined us for the international café at the end of the school day and it was lovely to see so many faces and for the school to be so vibrant and bursting with life and learning.

Thank you again to all who helped and assisted with this successful day.