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The Consortium Multi Academy Trust

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The Consortium MAT is borne out of the desire to maintain and enhance the position of rural community primary schools in the heart of our communities.

We recognise that for our small schools to remain vibrant and viable – closer integration and collaborative working is necessary to ensure that our curriculum is exciting, provision is full and the outcomes for pupils are exceptional.

We as small schools endorse the work carried out by the RSA entitled ‘No School an Island’ and wish to drive up standards in our own establishments through effective school to school support.  Click here for RSA report

Waveney Valley Federation, as the lead establishment in the creation of The Consortium Academy, has been exploring the benefits and threats to us around the academy agenda for around three years and as a result, the Full Governing Body with the Senior Leadership team, has undertaken a significant amount of research and subsequent planning.  With the ever decreasing capacity within the local authority maintained sector, the opportunities to retain and increase autonomy of decision making, and an underlying desire to safeguard the vision and ethos of our schools  – we have concluded that driving forward the creation of a local community MAT will deliver numerous benefits for our federation and our academy partner schools.

We are delighted that alongside Mendham Primary School and St Edmund's Primary School, Hoxne, Glebeland Primary School in Norfolk, Peasenhall/Yoxford Primary Schools and MIddleton Primary School are embarking on this exciting and empowering journey with us.

While this project is still undergoing 'construction' at the moment we are optimistic that a strong, viable Multi-Academy Trust will come into being soon.  If you are interested as a parent or community member in our work please have a look at the below powerpoint presentation.  If you are a school leader wanting to find out more about our proposed Consortium Multi Academy Trust please contact: Mr Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne, Principal/CEO at principal@consortiumacademy.org