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Nancy Main - Chair

Nancy is a parent governor with a child at Yoxford & Peasenhall Primary School. 

Roger Hoodless

The Yox Valley Partnership Local Governing Body

Roger lives in Yoxford.

Adrian Smith

Adrian is a parent governor with a child at Middleton Primary School.

Nigel Smith

Nigel lives in Middleton and is Chairman of Middleton Parish Council.

Jackie Ball

Jackie is a staff member at Yoxford & Peasenall Primary School.

Tina Flannigan

Tina is Operations Manager for the Consortium Multi Academy Trust.

Gail Jerman

Gail is Academy Head for Middleton and Yoxford & Peasenhall Primary Schools.


There is currently a vacancy for a staff member at Middleton Primary School.

Susie Remblance

Susie is the Clerk of the Yox Valley Partnership Local Governing Body.

The Consortium Multi Academy Trust promotes autonomy and authority for local schools.  All members of the Local Governing Body (LGB) have been approved by the Trust's Board of Trustees.  The LGB has two committees: 'Finance and Resources' and 'Standards and Excellence'.  The LGB focuses on teaching and learning, outcomes for pupils, resource allocation and safeguarding to ensure the best results for our pupils.