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Our Locality Committee

Our Locality Committee comprises parents, staff and members of the local community.  The members are responsible for the strategic management of the schools under guidance from the Consortium Multi Academy Trust Trustees and Principal.  Their term of office usually lasts for four years.

They have varied responsbilities: 

  • they oversee the school's aims, values and ethics
  • they promote high standards of educational attainment
  • they monitor targets for pupil achievement
  • they ensure compliance with the national curriculum
  • they take general responsibility for the conduct of the school
  • they manage the school's local budget
  • they participate in the appointment of school staff
  • they regulate school conduct and discipline.
  • they ensure the schools' safeguarding procedures are of the highest standard.

Chair of Governors- Mr John Beckett

John qualified in Chemistry whilst working, initially in electronic component manufacturing and then in electricity generation. Eventually, John retired as the Head of Chemistry and the Enviromental Coordinator at Sizewell A Power Station. 

Previously to joing Yox Valley Partnership of School, John has been involoved in schools for a number of years including which has also included him being Chair of Governors for the Kingfisher Federation Schools.


Vice Chair of Governors- Mr Adrian Smith

Adrian is the Vice Chair of our Governing Body.

Adrian has a son at Middleton Primary School who is currently in Maple Class.


Staff Governor- Mrs Christina Pates, Senior Teacher & DSL at Yoxford & Peasenhall Primary School

Christina joined the Yox Valley team in January 2018 when she moved to Suffolk with her husband. Christina teaches Year 3 & Year 4 in Willow Class at Yoxford & Peasenhall Primary School.

Previously, Christina lived in Nottinghamshire where she was a Class Teacher in a busy junior school.  

Outside of work, Christina enjoys travelling, being outdoors particularly along the coast and socialising with friends.


Academy Head & DSL- Miss Gail Jerman 

Gail is Academy Head for Southwold Primary, Middleton Primary and Yoxford & Peasenhall Primary Schools- the three schools that make Yox Valley Partnership of Schools.

Gail joined the Yox Valley team in April 2017. Before this Gail was part of the leadership team at St Edmund's Primary School in Hoxne- which is also part of The Consortium Mult-Academy Trust. Gail has been a teacher for nearly 20 years!


Parent Governor- Mrs Rachel Aldridge

Rachel is a Parent Governor, currently representing Yoxford & Peasenhall where her three child attend. 

She also works part-time for Screen Suffolk, the official film office for Suffolk. 

Rachel is keen on running, hiking and swimming and would like to use her role as a member to encourage more exercise and sport to be included in the curriculum at Yox Valley Partnership.


Parent Governor- Mrs Kelly Amzad

Kelly is a Parent Governor, currerntly representing Middleton Primary School.

Kelly has three children at Middleton Primary School in Ash, Maple and Spruce classes respectively.


Safeguarding & Prevent Governor- Mrs Annie Groves

Annie is a Parent Governor and has a child at Yoxford & Peasenhall Primary School. Annie is also our Designated Safeguarding Lead for our Governing Body.

Annie works in health, well-being and community development across rural Suffolk. 

In her spare time she enjoys helping to lead the Wildlife Explorers group at RSPB Minsmere for 7-11 year olds and assisting with her daughter's Rainbows group.

Join our Locality Committee

The size of our locality committee is currently small so we are keen to welcome new members who can offer their skills to help our schools develop and grow.  Reasons for becoming a member include:

  • you care about the education that children receive and you would like to play a part in improving childen's education
  • you want to make an important contribution to your local community
  • you enjoy a challenging and rewarding role
  • you are keen to help to strengthen the link between schools and their communities.

Our members act as a team but the amount of time each of them can give to the role will vary.  Some people will be able and willing to give a lot of time throughout their service as a member.  Others will find that the amount of time they can give increases or reduces during that period.  If you are serious about helping your school to help children then you need to:

  • be wiling to prepare for meetings - there can be a lot of papers to read
  • attend meetings - the locality committee must meet at least once a term
  • serve on at least one committee - how often this meets will vary but it is usually once or twice a term
  • be able to get to meetings - these are often held during the afternoon and they last around 2 to 3 hours
  • participate - if you cannot prepare for, and attend, meetings you will not be able to help the school
  • visit the school when it is in operation - most members will visit a class once or twice a year
  • undertake induction training - facilitated by the Consortium Mulit Academy Trust to help you understand your roles and responsibilities.

For more information speak to the Academy Head or any of the Office Managers.