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Welcome to ‘The Mews’ Family of Schools page I am absolutely delighted to be supporting this school to school improvement project, as the hub-leader.  My Colleagues and I work incredibly closely together and we are starting to see and more importantly our pupils are reaping the benefits of this effective collaboration.  Please read on to see the perspectives of one of our Headteacher partners and from a Governors viewpoint as well.

Our motto is: “Where together excellence and pupils thrive” this is our collective aim.

 Please click on this link for an inspirational film:

'Learn Every Day Always Reaching New Heights'

Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne


Hub Leader for The Mews, Family of Schools.

Family of Schools

Headteachers’ Statement

 The Mews Family of Schools Members:

Bedfield Primary School

Mendham Primary School and Nursery, Mendham

St. Edmunds Primary School and Nursery, Hoxne

St.Peter & St.Paul CEVA Primary, Eye

Thorndon Primary, Thorndon

Wilby CE Primary, Wilby

Yoxford and Peasenhall Primary School

Middleton Primary School

The ‘Family of Schools’ initiative, is a strategy for raising standards and achieving improvement in our schools, year on year, by working and collaborating together.

At the first Families of Schools Symposium for head teachers, held in Suffolk in 2013, this initiative was shared by a range of professionals from all, over the country, who demonstrated impressive results and impact for their pupils when collaboratively working together.

Education is always changing and new ways of working need to be explored, so that previous links for supporting improvement and development in school do not get stale and ineffective. There is now, less available support from the Local Authority to schools and often this support was not as specific or targeted as head teachers would have liked, to best benefit their school. Pyramid clusters do their very best to offer liaison and support, ready for transition of pupils, to serving primaries, but they have difficulty in providing a specific, and intensive focus for all their primaries, which is workable.

The ‘Family of Schools’ is proving to be different. All of our member schools have an aspiration for success and achievement for all the pupils within it.  Every Headteacher of the six schools involved, has a passion and a desire for improvement and for raising the bar, not only in our own schools, but as a family of schools, which affects the reputation and accomplishment of the county of Suffolk and the country as a whole. This is good news for every pupil who attends one of our schools now and in the future, as it needs to be sustainable.

The MEWS family of schools has been running for over a year to date and going from strength to strength. Every Headteacher knows each other and each of the schools very well.  It is essential that the leadership of the schools have trust and honesty between each other, so that even the hardest of issues experienced in our schools can be addressed with sensitivity and vigour. Confidentiality and caring about the progress and standards within the group is essential.

Each school has its part to play and takes it in turns to host events and activities for pupils, governors, parents or staff. An example of this was the Year 6, able pupils working together, in the ‘Excellence Group’ for English and Maths and attending the local High School for tuition. An example of staff collaborating and working closely was several CPD meetings to monitor writing and maths achievement, with all staff sharing their evidence and practice. Governors too, from the family have met together to keep abreast of all the initiatives and to contribute to the way forward as a family. Having a wealth of governors, from all walks of life, being involved within a family of schools, really enhances the value of partnership working and dismisses any feeling of isolation from any one school. 

Suffolk recognises, through the document, “No school an Island” that a self-improving strategy for schools is what will work more effectively and quickly to raise standards. It has set schools the challenge of using the ‘Family of Schools’ model, to strengthen the capacity of leadership and governance for collaborations such as ours.

This involves setting targets and leading with strategic direction, enhancing the quality of teaching and learning, broadening the horizons for growth, enterprise and well-being and celebrating success and sustaining the momentum for improvement over time.

Every pupil is at the core of what we do and every pupil deserves success. 

For more information of Suffolk wide School to School support and how we fit into this follow this link:  http://www.stssp.co.uk/initiatives/detail/collaborative-working-structures-mendham



FoS Impact Statement from Governors at WVPS/YVP

As Governors we have a duty to ensure that our schools provide an environment where every child has the opportunity to achieve their potential. The Mews Family of Schools Group has enabled accelerated school improvement to impact on strategic planning, staff professional development and pupil achievement and attainment.
The schools involved have looked outside of their playgrounds for support, they have had open and honest professional dialogue with their colleagues, they have given and received professional educational support and stood together to address national and county issues.
Collaboration is at the heart of ensuring continued school improvement, the accelerated progress of pupils, the sharing of resources and professional development. The Education Sector is a dynamic environment; schools must show sustainability and a desire to develop. The Mews Family of Schools has shown in real, measurable terms the impact that this approach can achieve.
We look forward to supporting the strengthening Mews Family of Schools, seeing further and future developments and the results that these will undoubtedly provide throughout the next academic year. As a Governing Body we view the MEWS Family of Schools

Dawn Carman-Jones
WVPS Governing Body/YVP IEB


An amazing event, The MEWS family of schools science technology engineering and maths fayre, eye town hall. Thanks to all the schools and exhibitors, 100s of engaged pupils.