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We, the staff of Yox Valley Partnership, On 1st December 2016

Promise to implement and evaluate the following, to ensure that every pupil achieves excellence through excitement in learning due to our individual and collective effort, enthusiasm and energy by............

  • Ensuring that I support quality first teaching delivered by the class teacher

  • Continuing to maintain enthusiasm and drive for the role that I have

  • Ensuring that I deliver an exciting, interesting curriculum that is well planned and tailored for individual children, whilst ensuring that I look after my own well-being

  • Assisting in the provision of their eduation

  • Delivering exciting lessons and learning opportunities every day

  • Instilling further developments in the Early Years Framework

  • Providing high quality learning opportunities for all children

  • Have an impact on each individual child to assist their individual improvement

  • Using my skills in sport, music and art to create the best environment for different abilities

  • Implementing planned purposeful activities suitable to age and stage of the pupils I workwith

  • Applying myself to the best of my abilities and working effectively with other members of staff

  • Developing exciting record sheets to help evaluate improvement in the well-being of children

  • Planning exciting and engaging lessons and boosting the confidence of pupils

  • Using SMART objectives to create a love of learning and maximise my impact.

  • Working collaboratively with colleagues, children and parents to develop a shared love for learning

  • Encouraging pupils and parents to have a thirst for learning inside and outside school and enjoying our learning environment.

  • Ensuring that all children at least meet expected progress this year through the use of appropriate interventions

  • Regular review, support and challenge to colleagues ensuring that every child has every opportunity to succeed and excel

  • Delivering lessons that involve a variety of learning styles: auditory, visual, kinaesthetic and intellectual

  • Engaging the pupils in their assessment and appraisal of their own and others work

  • Encouraging individual pupils to achieve a specific goal in every lesson

  • Ensuring all pupils with additional needs are identified, supported and monitored in liaison with teachers, the child and their family

  • Making every lesson accessible to all and using a variety of teaching styles

  • Developing my skills in supporting pupils with specific needs


Please view the following documents regarding SEND

If you require help or a different format to access the information on our website please do not hesitate to contact us. Mrs Kathy Brooke is our Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator.